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First Slovene satellite in orbit NEMO-HD and cooperation with SPACE-SI


ZRC SAZU was among eleven research organizations and high-tech companies to establish consortium Slovenian Centre of Excellence SPACE-SI in 2010. Members of the Department of remote sensing (DRS) of the Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies ZRC SAZU presented one of the key research groups in the initial team – and this holds true ever since. Mostly we contribute with research projects addressing development of demanding algorithms for automatic or semi-automatic satellite data processing. Moreover we cooperate also in many long-term activities of the SPACE-SI (e.g., small satellite NEMO-HD; see also below), and at preparation and realization of various application and research projects. Cooperation between DRS and CE SPACE-SI is very intense, has long continuity, lasting more than 10 years, and encompasses exchange of expert knowledge and man-power in either direction.

In general public SPACE-SI is most commonly known by developing and assembling the first Slovene satellite NEMO-HD, which was launched in September 2020. NEMO-HD is optical micro-satellite, equipped with static and video imaging capabilities. Optical imagery is acquired in two modes: 4-band multispectral mode (B-G-R-NIR) of spatial resolution 5.6 m, and panchromatic mode of resolution 2.8 m. Video can be captured – apart from normal resolution – in HD resolution 1920 by 1080 pixels.

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Satellite image of Ljubljana, Slovene capital, acquired by NEMO-HD (only NIR band is displayed)
Satellite image of Ljubljana, Slovene capital, acquired by NEMO-HD (only NIR band is displayed).



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