Research Fellow, BSc of Geodesy

Research interests

His research field involves the whole satellite image process chain, from data acquisition techniques, image pre-processing, image analysis, mapping to distribution of the derived products. His main research fields are applications of satellite remote sensing in natural disasters especially for detection of affected areas and damage assessment. The aim of his research is faster activation of rescue teams to help affected residents and better protection against the natural disasters in the future. He operates with geographic information systems (GIS ) and geostatistics in combination with machine learning techniques. He regularly participates in scientific conferences and collaborates on several national and international projects. 

Selected publications
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Curriculum Vitae

BSc of Geodesy, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, 2008

PhD, Environmental protection interdisciplinary doctoral programme, University of Ljubljana, 2013

Research areas

Geodesy P515 • Remote sensing T181 


remote sensing • image processing • cartography • management of protected areas