Senior Technical Assistant, BSc of Physics

+386 (0)1 4706 437
Research interests

Peter Pehani is involved in various phases of satellite data processing, from orthorectification to products development for different fields: disaster management, classification, and visualization. He was integrator of development of the automatic near real-time satellite data processing chain, which was developed by the members of the Department of Remote Sensing under the framework of the Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies (SPACE-SI)
As a web cartographer he cooperated in web presentation of a summary of archaeological reconnaissance in southeastern Campeche, Mexico, and of publicly accessible Interactive map of Slovenia presenting the ZRC SAZU databases.

Selected publications
  • PEHANI, Peter – Klemen ČOTAR – Aleš MARSETIČ – Janez ZALETELJ – Krištof OŠTIR, 2016, Automatic geometric processing for very high resolution optical satellite data based on vector roads and orthophotos. Remote sensing 8 (4), online ed.
  • OŠTIR, Krištof – Klemen ČOTAR – Aleš MARSETIČ – Peter PEHANI – Matej PERŠE – Klemen ZAKŠEK – Janez ZALETELJ – Tomaž RODIČ, 2015, Automatic near-real-time image processing chain for very high resolution optical satellite data. In: G. Schreier, P. E. Skrovseth, H. Staudenrausch (Eds.), 36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, 11-15 May 2015, Berlin (ISPRS Archives, ISSN 2194-9034, vol. XL-7/W3 (2015)): 669-676.
  • ĐURIĆ, Nataša – Peter PEHANI – Krištof OŠTIR, 2014, Application of in-segment multiple sampling in object-based classification. Remote sensing 6 (12): 12138-12165.
  • KOKALJ, Žiga – Peter PEHANI – Helen GOODCHILD – Vincent L. GAFFNEY – Krištor OŠTIR, 2013, Crossing borders: a multi-layer GIS mapping framework for the cultural management of the Mundo Maya Region. In: Eugene Chang, Vincent L. Gaffney, Henry Chapman (Eds.), Visual heritage in the digital age, Springer series on cultural computing, London: Springer, 169-182.
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana – Urška KANJIR – Peter PEHANI – Krištof OŠTIR – Primož KOVAČIČ, 2012, Object-based image analysis of VHR satellite imagery for population estimation in informal settlement Kibera-Nairobi, Kenya. In: Boris Escalante-Ramírez (Ed.), Remote sensing: applications, Rijeka: InTech, 407-434.


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Selected projects

Centre of Excellence Space-SI (center of excellence • 18 March 201031 December 2018)

Sky-View Factor Based Visualization (research • 1 February 2010)

NEREIDS - New Service Capabilities for Integrated and Advanced Maritime Surveillance (framework program • 1 June 201131 May 2014)

Curriculum Vitae

BSc of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, 1996


web cartography • remote sensing • satellite image processing • natural disasters • automatic processing 

Recognitions & awards

ZRC SAZU blue award, 2017