Head of Department of Remote Sensing, Research Fellow, Assistant Professor

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Research interests

Žiga's research interests lie in environment protection and management of protected areas. He is primarily involved in environmental studies using optical satellite imagery processing, internet cartography, rapid mapping, lidar data processing and visualizing, spatial analyses and natural processes modelling, especially from the viewpoint of how different human activities impact the environment.

Selected publications
  • KOKALJ, Žiga – Maja SOMRAK, 2019, Why Not a Single Image? Combining Visualizations to Facilitate Fieldwork and On-Screen Mapping. Remote Sensing 11(7): 747.
  • KOKALJ, Žiga – Ralf HESSE, 2017, Airborne laser scanning raster data visualization: A Guide to Good Practice. Prostor, kraj, čas 14. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC.
  • PIPAN, Primož – Žiga KOKALJ, 2017, Transformation of the Jeruzalem hills cultural landscape with modern vineyard terraces. Acta geographica Slovenica 57, 2: 149-162.
  • POPIT, Tomislav – Boštjan ROŽIČ – Andrej ŠMUC – Žiga KOKALJ – Timotej VERBOVŠEK – Adrijan KOŠIR, 2014, A LIDAR, GIS and basic spatial statistic application for the study of ravine and palaeo-ravine evolution in the upper Vipava valley, SW Slovenia. Geomorphology 204: 638-645.
  • ŠTULAR, Benjamin – Žiga KOKALJ – Krištof OŠTIR, Laure NUNINGER, 2012, Visualization of lidar-derived relief models for detection of archaeological features. Journal of archaeological science 39, 11: 3354-3360 .
  • KOKALJ, Žiga – Klemen ZAKŠEK – Krištof OŠTIR, 2011, Application of sky-view factor for the visualization of historic landscape features in lidar-derived relief models. Antiquity 85, 327: 263-273.
  • CHALLIS, Keith – Žiga KOKALJ – Mark KINCEY – Derek MOSCROP – Andy J. HOWARD, 2008, Airborne lidar and historic environment records. Antiquity 82, 318: 1055-1064.


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Selected projects

Investigation of microrelief structures with airborne lidar (postdoctoral research project • 1 July 201130 June 2013)

Curriculum Vitae

BSc of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2004
PhD, Environmental Protection, University of Ljubljana, 2010


remote sensing • image processing • GIS • lidar data processing • environment protection 

Recognitions & awards

Student Prešeren award, 2004 • ZRC SAZU gold award, 2017