Research Fellow, BSc of Geodesy

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Research interests

His main research interest are photogrammetric applications in satellite remote sensing. Besides photogrammetry (orthorectification, DSM generation) his field of work encompasses also the registration and processing of optical satellite imagery, spatial analysis and lidar. He has expertise in the automatization of processes involving satellite data preprocessing with innovative models. He is taking part at the designing and construction of the first slovenian satellite and is involved in its ground segment data processing. He also participates at archaeological field works in Mexico where he is responsible for field measuring, processing and visualization of measured data. He is currently working on several projects in the field of remote sensing and GIS, with special emphasis on automatic satellite data registration processes and products generation.

Selected publications
  • PEHANI, Peter, ČOTAR, Klemen, MARSETIČ, Aleš, ZALETELJ, Janez, OŠTIR, Krištof. Automatic geometric processing for very high resolution optical satellite data based on vector roads and orthophotos. Remote sensing, ISSN 2072-4292. [Online ed.], 2016, vol. 8, iss. 4, ilustr., doi: 10.3390/rs8040343. [COBISS.SI-ID 39753261]
  • MARSETIČ, Aleš, OŠTIR, Krištof, KOSMATIN FRAS, Mojca. Automatic orthorectification of high-resolution optical satellite images using vector roads. IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, ISSN 0196-2892. [Print ed.], 2015, vol. 53, iss. 11, pp. 6035-6047, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2015.2431434. [COBISS.SI-ID 38502189]
  • MARSETIČ, Aleš, KOKALJ, Žiga, OŠTIR, Krištof, 2012 , Vpliv stiskanja JPEG2000 z izgubami na klasifikacijo posnetkov WorldView-2 = Effects of lossy JPEG2000 compression method on WorldView-2 image classification. Geodetski vestnik 56 (2): 275-289.
  • MARSETIČ, Aleš, OŠTIR, Krištof, 2010, Izdelava digitalnega modela površja in ortopodob iz stereo posnetkov Ikonos, zajetih v istem preletu = Digital surface model and ortho-images generation from Ikonos in-track stereo images. Geod. vestn. 54 (3): 417-448.
  • MARSETIČ, Aleš, OŠTIR, Krištof, 2007, Uporaba satelitskih posnetkov SPOT za izdelavo ortopodob. Geod. vestn. 51 (1): 69-84.
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Selected projects

Automatic orthorectification service for very high-resolution optical satellite data (research project • 17 June 201916 June 2020)

Automatic generation of true orthoimages from very high-resolution data (postdoctoral research project • 1 May 201730 April 2019)

Centre of Excellence Space-SI (center of excellence • 18 March 201031 December 2018)

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Curriculum Vitae

BSc of Geodesy, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, 2005

PhD of Geodesy, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, 2015

Research areas

Geodesy P515 • Remote sensing T181 • Space technology T320 


remote sensing • satelite image rectification and processing • photogrammetry • lidar 

Recognitions & awards

ZRC SAZU silver award, 2016