Urša Kanjir, PhD
Research Assistant, PhD

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Her research interests include time series analysis, object classification, and change detection in satellite imagery.
Urša Kanjir graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Ljubljana in 2009 and received her PhD in Environmental Protection from the same university in 2021. She has participated in many international and national research or application projects dealing with various topics over the years - detection of changes in land use over time, detection of non-native plant species, automatic detection of irregularities in agricultural land use, detection of informal settlements or refugee camps, detection of small vessels related to migration ... In her work, she often collaborates with colleagues from other disciplines. She has also worked for the Center of Excellence for Space, Science and Technology (Space-SI).
She is currently working on time series analyses of satellite imagery to detect changes in rivers over time, especially in the areas of the Mura and Vjosa rivers, where she is trying to contextualise the results obtained with spatial analyses with anthropological research.

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BSc of Geodesy, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, 2009

PhD in Environmental protection, University of Ljubljana, 2021

Research areas
Geodesy P515
Remote sensing T181

environment protection
change detection
object-based image analysis
remote sensing