Research Fellow, BSc of Geodesy

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Research interests

Interests of Tatjana Veljanovski are focused on data pre-processing, interpretation and applications of remote sensing data. She performs research in the field of geometric and radiometric (atmospheric and topographic) corrections of satellite imagery and land cover, land use analysis (object recognition, classification and change detection). Particular attention is devoted to the study of techniques and procedures in remote sensing, allowing for more complex analysis and modelling in the study of (historical) development of the landscape, the Earth's surface. She used remote sensing techniques in the detection and monitoring of natural disasters, the analysis of changes in the urban and natural areas as well as mapping and analysis of the slums. She participates in several national and international projects in the field of remote sensing and GIS.

Selected publications
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana – KANJIR, Urška – PEHANI, Peter – OŠTIR, Krištof – KOVAČIČ, Primož, 2012. Object-based image analysis of VHR satellite imagery for population estimation in informal settlement Kibera-Nairobi, Kenya. In: ESCALANTE-RAMÍREZ, Boris (ur.). Remote sensing : applications. Rijeka: InTech, str. 407-434, ilustr.
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana – KOKALJ, Žiga, 2012. Objektno usmerjeno kartiranje poplav in njihova vloga v poselitvi osrednjega dela Ljubljanskega barja. In: CIGLIČ, Rok (ur.), PERKO, Drago (ur.), ZORN, Matija (ur.). Geografski informacijski sistemi v Sloveniji 2011-2012, (GIS v Sloveniji, ISSN 1855-4954, 11). Ljubljana: Založba ZRC, str. 63-72, ilustr.
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana – LAMOVEC, Peter – PEHANI, Peter – OŠTIR, Krištof, 2011. Comparison of three techniques for detection of flooded areas on ENVISAT and RADARSAT-2 satellite images. In: Geoinformation for disaster management : Gi4DM 2011, Talya Convention Center Antalya / Turkey. Antalya.
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana – KANJIR, Urška – OŠTIR, Krištof, 2011. Objektno usmerjena analiza podatkov daljinskega zaznavanja = Object-based image analysis of remote sensing data. Geodetski vestnik, ISSN 0351-0271. [Tiskana izd.], letn. 55, št. 4, str. 641-688, ilustr.
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana, 2008, Problem navideznih sprememb pri določitvi sprememb na površju s posnetki Landsat = The problem of false (non-intrinsic) changes in pixel-based change detection on Landsat imagery. Geod. vestn. 52 (3): 457-474.
  • VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana – Zoran STANČIČ, 2006, Predictive modelling in archaeological location analysis and archaeological resource management: principles and applications. In: MEHRER, Mark (ur.), WESCOTT, Konnie (ur.), GIS and archaeological site location modeling, Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis, 393-411.
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Selected projects

Centre of Excellence Space-SI (center of excellence • 20102018)

ArcLand – ArchaeoLandscapes Europe (framework program • 20102015)

NEREIDS - New Service Capabilities for Integrated and Advanced Maritime Surveillance (framework program • 20112014)

Curriculum Vitae

Tatjana Veljanovski graduated in geodesy – spatial studies (1999) and she obtained her Ph.D. in remote sensing at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana (2007). From 1999 she works as researcher at IAPS ZRC SAZU and during 2010-2013 also at the Centre of Excellence Space-SI.


remote sensing • satellite image processing • change detection • spatio-temporal modelling.