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Kombinirani visokoločljivostni postopki zajemanja, razpoznavanja in vzdrževanja prostorskih podatkov
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1 October 2010–31 March 2012

With high resolution remote sensing methods (digital aero-photogrammetry, multispectral satellite imagery, laser and radar scanning) we acquire spatial data that are relevant for the collection and maintenance of national topographic data. Slovenian national topographic data are maintained at different scale levels, types, media formats and at different time periods. The emphasis of the project is the identification of optimal methods and technologies for the detection of topographic objects and their changes from the combination on before mentioned remotely sensed sources with (semi)automated procedures. The research is a synergistic collaboration among four research organizations and includes the following steps: 1) investigation of the data that are derived from already established procedures and technologies, 2) study of accessible sources and their characteristics, including research of the possibility of their implementation for the collection and maintenance of topographic data, 3) research of procedures for collection, identification and maintenance of topographic data, 4) study of the implementation of various automatic and semiautomatic procedures, 5) analysis of implementation of combined usage of digital aero-photogrammetry together with raster data from satellite and lidar acquisitions.


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Project manager at ZRC


Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana • DFG Consulting

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Slovenian Research Agency