The Chactún Regional Project: Study of an Archaeological Landscape in the Central Maya Lowlands

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Basic Info


This project proposal is motivated by the results of our archaeological surveys carried out in 2013 and 2014 in the eastern part of the Mexican federal state of Campeche: Chactún, Tamchén and Lagunita, three major urban centers that we discovered and documented, are the first field inspected sites within an extensive archaeologically unexplored area in the central part of the Yucatan peninsula; moreover, their sizes, architectural volumes, and the presence of sculpted monuments with hieroglyphic inscriptions and dates attest to their importance in the Late Classic regional political hierarchy, in which Chactún, one of the largest Maya cities known so far in the central lowlands, must have had a particularly prominent place. For the area covering about 80 km2 and including the three sites, we intend to obtain detailed information on archaeological remains detectable on surface, employing airborne laser scanning (lidar) and ground truthing. Analyses and interpretations of lidar-derived data complemented with those obtained through field verifications will enable us to determine the extents of settlements and the distribution and characteristics of other types of anthropogenic elements, and to search for correlations with environmental particularities. Based on the results of spatial analyses, and considering all the available contextual evidence, including chronological indicators, we intend to reconstruct the development of cultural landscape and to solve questions concerning settlement hierarchy, socio-political organization, agricultural land use, water management, communication routes, the impact of environmental factors on the selection of localities for settlement and other uses, and the role of religious ideas in the conceptualization of the natural and built environment and the formation of cultural landscape.

The project is financed by Slovenian Research Agency.

Project steps

2016: airborne laser scanning (lidar), data processing, preparations for field work;

2017: field verifications, data processing;

2018: field verifications, data processing and interpretation.



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field surveys
landscape archaeology
remote sensing
Maya archaeology