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Maja Somrak

Research Assistant, BSc in Computer and Information Science

+ 386 1 4706 530


Maja Somrak holds a degree in Computer and Information Science and is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Jozef Stefan Postgraduate School. Her research focuses on machine learning and deep learning. She is involved in Earth observation projects at the department, where she primarily develops methods and software tools for processing and classification of optical satellite imagery, detection of water bodies from radar data and visualizations of airborne laser scanning data.

  • SOMRAK, Maja – Sašo Džeroski – Žiga KOKALJ, 2020, Learning to classify structures in ALS-derived visualizations of ancient Maya settlements with CNN. Remote Sensing 12(14), 2215.
  • KOKALJ, Žiga – Maja SOMRAK, 2019, Why Not a Single Image? Combining Visualizations to Facilitate Fieldwork and On-Screen Mapping. Remote Sensing 11(7), 747.
Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, 2013
Research areas
Artificial intelligence P176
Remote sensing T181

deep learning
machine learning
satellite image processing
remote sensing
computational modelling