Development of system for usage of remote sensing data (incl. feasibility study) – case study to monitor agricultural land (permanent grassland and soil wetness)

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Proposed project focuses on use of remote sensing data for the needs of country-level statistics, by developing a system for obtaining particular geospatial information from various open access data. Especially, possibilities to monitor permanent grasslands are studied, due to their very vivid dynamics throughout the year. The processes on grasslands are monitored by analysing the satellite data time series. The following grassland parameters will be studied: grass age/size, mowing frequency, manuring areas, pasture areas and soil wetness.

In parallel the application system for simple user access to grassland parameters will be established. It will be based on machine learning algorithms for obtaining information from satellite imagery. According to several studies the use of freely accessible Sentinel-1 and -2 data is convenient for monitoring of grassland changes and its dynamics. Apart from the Sentinels we will use also Landsat imagery – particularly to fill the gaps in years when Sentinels where not yet operational – and also MODIS data.

Final project aim is to assess possibilities of such satellite-based monitoring of grassland, and to propose means to use satellite-extracted information in routine day-to-day processes of Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Project steps

WP1 – Project management
WP2 – Collection, selection and preparation of data sources and of processing infrastructure
WP3 – Setting-up the processing environment
WP4 – Preparation of methodologies and workflow for extracting data variables and attributes
WP5 – Integration of workflow into routine processes of SURS
WP6 – Preparation of deliverables

remote sensing
satellite data
land use
time series

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