Assistant Researcher, MSc Integrated Resource Management

Research interests

Liza Stančič holds the position of Assistant Researcher at the Department of Remote Sensing. She is a PhD student of Environmental Protection at the University of Ljubljana. Her main research interest lies in the development of Earth observation-based indicators of sustainable development. Her doctoral research involves long time series analysis of satellite images to monitor the changes in the amount and pattern of fluvial sedimentation. In addition, Liza is interested in ecosystem services of river and forest environments, natural resource management, invasive plant species and GIS.

Selected publications
  • STANČIČ, Liza, REPE, Blaž. Postfire succession : selected examples from the Karst region, southwest Slovenia. Acta geographica Slovenica, ISSN 1581-6613. 2018, 58, 1, p. 27-38,, doi: 10.3986/AGS.1942.
  • STANČIČ, Liza. An economic evaluation of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in West Slovenia. In: JURC, Maja (ed.). Invasive alien species in forests and their impact on the sustainable use of forest resources : lectures presented at the conference with international participation. Ljubljana: Biotechnical faculty, Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources. 2016, p. 177183.
  • STANČIČ, Liza, VELJANOVSKI, Tatjana. Earth observationbased environmental indicators in support of SDG monitoring and fragility assessment in arid zones : poster presented at the United Nations/Austria Symposium "Space for the sustainable development goals", Graz (Austria), 19th Sep 2018.
Curriculum Vitae

BSc of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2014

MSc of Integrated Resource Management, University of Edinburgh, 2015

Research areas

Geology, physical geography P005 • Remote sensing T181 


sustainable development • remote sensing • natural resources • hydrogeography • ecosystem services • GIS 

Recognitions & awards

Best dissertation and Best contribution to the programme, MSc Integrated Resource Management, University of Edinburgh