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GMES – DSL (Downstream Service Land) Austria-Slovenia-Andalusia: Concept for a Harmonized Cross-border Land Information System
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1 January 2008–31 December 2009

Within this project sponsored by European ERA-STAR programme the consortium consisting of Austrian and Slovene research organizations and local authorities (from Slovenia: ZRC SAZU, Slovenian Forestry Institute and Slovenian Environmental Agency) has demonstrated a feasibility of harmonization of regional cross-border land cover/land use information system.

The developed object oriented data model has been tested in different study areas in Austria and Slovenia. The most suitable processing methods for the classification of various land cover types have been extensively evaluated (land cover types incl. settlements, forests, alpine areas, agriculture, water, and non-alpine nature areas).

The developed concept is a GMES-compatible downstream solution. GMES collects data obtained mostly by processing of satellite imagery. So project benefits from existing GMES data and demonstrates how GMES data from European level can be integrated with in-situ data (e.g. aerial orthophotos) available in the regions.

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Project manager at ZRC

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Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and European Union (ERA-STAR Regions)