Routes, Landscape and Heritage Seminar

Basic Info

August 31, 2016 at 09:00
Dvorana Zemljepisnega muzeja, ZRC SAZU, Gosposka ulica 16, Ljubljana

Organizer: Yamaguchi Prefectural University (Japan)


People’s life-course can be seen to run along winding routes, unfolding through myriad stories, at the same time generating landscapes. Landscapes are thus active processes related to movements and non-movements to/from/in/through them. They are both, ‘medium for’ and ‘background of’ people’s dwelling as well as their agency. Landscapes are laden with stories about past lives, present experiences and future becoming. People not only use landscapes, they also talk about — and fashion — them with memories in such a way that these landscapes fashion people too. Various modes of movements as well as non-movements leave material traces, which due to present-day legal local and global discourses are often integrated as part of heritage making. This seminar seeks to explore the interrelation between routes, landscapes and heritage from a variety of perspectives. It aims to address various modes of peoples’ movements, such as walking, migrating, journeying, or going on a pilgrimage, critically probing the ways in which these movements engender landscape and produce heritage. The focus of this seminar will fall on the production of heritage, its meaning, effects on particular landscapes and related affects, and, by extension, it also aims to address the impact of heritagisation and tourist industry on the public image of pilgrimage, routes, sacred places, and landscape.