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Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies (IAPŠ) at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) was established in 1994 as the Spatial Information Centre (PIC) within ZRC SAZU. Its first and long lasting head was Dr. Zoran Stančič. In 2004 the constant growth of PIC and expansion of areas of research resulted into the promotion of IAPŠ. From the very start onwards its head is Prof. Ivan Šprajc, PhD.


Institute combines anthropological studies with the advancement and applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) methods and techniques. Anthropological studies are focused on socio-anthropological research in Papua New Guinea, Albania and Serbia, as well as on archaeology and archaeoastronomy of Mesoamerica. Developing the methodology of spatial analyses, which have an important role in our interpretations, we take into consideration specific problems under study and the nature of research in which it is applied. Within the remote sensing research we investigate the problems of automatic satellite imagery registration and its advanced classification, paying particular attention to the development of new techniques of artificial intelligence and modelling. The GIS studies include innovative generation of variables important in environment modelling, statistical analyses of their significance, cognitive cartography techniques and natural and cultural landscape modelling.

Basic data

Name: Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies
Acronym: IAPŠ

Head: Prof. Ivan Šprajc, PhD

Head of the Department of Anthropological Studies: Prof. Borut Telban, PhD

Head of the Department of Remote Sensing: Prof. Žiga Kokalj, PhD

Head of the Scientific Council: Tatjana Veljanovski, PhD


IAPŠ group photo from 2023 (foto Igor Lapajne)SIAPŠ group photo from 2023 (foto Igor Lapajne)


IAPŠ group photo from 2021 (foto Igor Lapajne)IAPŠ group photo from 2021 (foto Igor Lapajne)